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Pure4sure Perfume based Floor Cleaner 250 ml


Pure4sure perfumed base floor cleaner are available in four fragrances:

Neem, Lavender, Lime, Rose

The reason behind this product acceptance is its quality and quantity wherein a 250 ml bottle of concentrate can make 5 litre perfumed base floor cleaner which means at a cost of 1 litre floor cleaner (phenyl), 5 liters floor cleaner can be made.  We always believes in providing hygiene at a nominal cost.


*Pure4Sure Premium Class Perfumed Floor Cleaner is actually a concentrate which multiplies with the amount of water.

* Marking instructions are available on the bottle

* Pour some liquid in an empty bottle and mix it with 950 ml of water to make 1 ltr floor cleaner which is sufficient for one month cleaning.

* Makes 5 ltr from 250 ml Floor Cleaner bottle

* It comes with multiple fragrances like Levender, Rose, Lime and neem

* Kill germs and cleans the applied area

* Can be applied on Bathroom, tiles , Floor and wooden furniture etc.

* Brings Shine and long lasting attractive fragrances


Lavender, Lime, Neem, Rose


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