Magic Napkin

Feel fresh anytime anywhere with Pure4Sure Premium Class Magic Napkins in Tube Pack – your personal hygiene in a compressed candy form.
Available in 3 Fragrances: Green Apple, Lemon & Set Wet.

Handmade Shop

Enlighten your mood with the instant sense gratification that the fragrance of product endows.
Embellish the sentiment in the care of Glycerin.

Enjoy your own paradise everyday

Fragrance available: Rose, Tea-tree, Aloevera, Jasmine, Mix fruit, Multani mitti Haldi, Kesar, Sandelwood

Floor Cleaner

Pure4sure perfumed base floor cleaner are available in four fragrances: Neem, Lavender, Lime, Rose

The reason behind this product acceptance is its quality and quantity wherein a 250 ml bottle of concentrate can make 5 litre perfumed base floor cleaner which means at a cost of 1 litre floor cleaner (phenyl), 5 liters floor cleaner can be made. We always believes in providing hygiene at a nominal cost.

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Vision and Mission

  • Promise to best Quality brand and services that help people feel good, look good, and get more.
  • To built the best hygiene product and satisfy the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of customers.
  • To create better everyday’s life of many people
  •  To support in the development of country’s vision of healthy India and its subsequent growth and achievement.
  • Distribution network starting from Super Stockiest, Stockiest to retailers
  • Dedicated and trained team for quality service and highest sales figures
  • Promotion campaigning and creating brand name

Who we are!

  • Marketing Solutions has its own network set up in all India to fulfill each and every customer’s demand irrespective of the state.
  • The idea is to spread hygiene and spread healthy life. Henceforth no need to depend upon Consulting Firms to help their Sales and Marketing activities starting with Product Placement to Business Growth.
  • It was established in 2013 and reaching extreme heights with the dedication and honesty in business. We believe for every business growth, strategic planning is must and our dedicated and experienced team working on every platform to increase Product demand and volume business.
  • What differentiates us from the crowd is that all our products are100% biodegradable.Hence, we feel a responsibility towards our environment.
  • Our products are pure and untouched, we use premium quality raw materials so that we can deliver the best to you.
  • All products are disposable and hygienic.
  • We regularly arrange trade fairs(see gallery!)

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Deepak tyagi

When I started using magic napkin of pure4Sure. I feel it is very innovative and comfortable product I ever used. I think It’s a fabulous Product.I give 5 star rating to this product

Arun paiwal

I have stated using the washable kitchen towel, it is very handy. I got it at a  good price . It lasts long. Good quality!!


Roti wrap is terrific, it can be put in the microwave also, moreover it is also absorbent and absorbs all the dew that comes on the roti

Raghav Tripathi

I give 5 star rating for the cotton ball packet. The packet is fairly priced and it can be both used for medical use and day to day use also. Thank you pure4sure.

Aarohi Singh

When I started using hand wash of pure4Sure it leaves me with clean hands all day. I am currently using the mix-fruit one and it has an amazing fragrance.

Ishita Sehgal

I purchased the  cleaner from pure4Sure. it is easy to use and the Making instructions are available on the bottle . It is safe to use around children.

Lalit Gupta

I use the toilet seat cover. The toilet seat cover is soft, comfortable, hygienic and easy to use. I can also carry it with me while travelling

Arav Singh

I use the anti fogging spray. it helps to get rid off from the fog that irritates you in front of your mirror or while driving during winters. Pure4sure Anti-fog keeps your glass clean from fogging.

Lalita Kumari

I did not quite like the micro fabric towel, it is expensive.

ishita Bahl

I use the  magic napkin of pure4Sure. What I like about this is that it is 100% bio-degradable and Hygiene.

Lisa Ray

What I like about pure4Sure products is that they are biodegradable. It is good to know that someone is thinking about the environment in these highly polluted times.

Raghav Tripathi

When I started using magic napkin of pure4Sure. I feel it is very innovative and comfortable product I ever used. I think It’s a fabulous Product.I give 5 star rating to this product


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